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pistorius behind bars. prosecutor's plan to argue he committed premeditated murder. reeva steenkamp was shot four times inside her bathroom door last friday. >> it is a tragic circle of events and we can only give him support at this time. >> meantime a private funeral for reeva steenkamp is planned for tomorrow. her body was if returned to her home town yesterday. they featured a show with the 20-year-old. reeva steenkamp's family was not opposed because reeva steenkamp withinned everybody to see it. >>> mccreed did i died in her home, she shot herself and her dog. there are reports that she was having a tough time dealing with the loss of her boyfriend. mccreeddy is known for her hit and her song 10,000 angels. >>> coming up, a warning for angels, headed to a famous destination, why they could be headed there in that country. >>> and for the daytona race this weekend, we will show you who won, we will show you did it is such a major achievement. . >>> time now 4:43, venezuela president hugo chavez has returned home and it comes after treatment and surgery for cancer. venezuela president h
on the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. more from pretoria. >> who would have thought a week ago i would be sitting here speaking about oscar pistorius facing murder charms. on tuesday, he will be facing a magistrate, and the state is asking not just that he has murder charges, but it's premeditated murder. we know his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, was supposed to be at the house for the night. her overnight bag and ipad were there. and we know according to an official he shot her four times through a closed bathroom door. and afterward, he carried her down the stairs in his house. and she was still alive at that moment. there are also then those rumors that sensed there was some sort of bloodied cricket bat. what was that used for? we'll find out hopefully in court and we can't remember reeva steenkamp. gets buried tomorrow, her parents, only child, friends have to say good bye to a young woman who seemed so beautiful and bubbly, and, of course, everybody here, asking that same question. why? why did he do it? what was the motivation? no answers on that one either. we'll keep you p
carrying a gravely injured steenkamp down the stairs and that both of them tried to save her life. police say the call for paramedics was not made by picer toious. but his family strongly denies the shooting was at all intentional. his father quoted as saying he has zero doubt his son acted on instinct, believing he thought steenkamp was an intruder. steenkamp's father now says of pistorius, "he must be going through things we don't know about. there is no hatred in our hearts." now, with concerns over his emotional state, pistorius waits in a cell, accused of the most serious crime. remember, police have been dismissive of suggestions that steenkamp might have been mistaken from an intruder. they say shouting was heard from the home earlier that night. pistorius' bond hearing is tuesday, the same day as steenkamp's funeral. lester? >> michelle kosinski tonight, thank you. >>> back in this country, the bipartisan effort to craft a way forward on immigration reform hit a bump in the road today when a story hit saying that the obama administration had already written up a plan of its own. t
for reeva steenkamp are being held today. we have more from kelly cobiella from our london bureau this morning. kelly? >> reporter: good morning. oscar pistorius is in a south african courtroom right now fighting for his freedom. prosecutors as they had promised in the run-up to this trial have charged him with premeditated murder, a crime for which if convict ed convicted could mean the rest of his life in jail. we're hearing new details of the night of the murder according to prosecutors. pistorius fired four shots hitting steenkamp with three, and crucially to their case of premeditated murder, that pistorius put on his prosthetic legs before walking to the bathroom where steenkamp was hiding to shoot her. prosecutors say he then broke down the door. pistorius says he thought he was shooting an intruder. anne-marie? >> so we're hearing more details about the case that the prosecution is building. this wasn't a trial, though. what was the purpose of today's hearing? >> reporter: no, this isn't a trial. this is actually a bail hearing. both sides, prosecutors and
at this point in time. >> reporter: steenkamp had been dating pistorius for several months. her family says they want to know why their beautiful daughter had to die. tina kraus, cbs news. >> the bail hearing is expected to take from one to three days. if convicted, he could spend life in prison. >>> it is 4:32. and the storm door is open. >> yeah. back to winter now. looks like things are change as clouds roll in. let's check out high-def doppler radar. we are seeing scattered showers moving into the north bay. this is just the beginning. i think the heavier rainfall moves in later on this morning but this starts to get things moistened up in the atmosphere. you can see some of the scattered showers showing up into parts of the north bay now near san rafael scattered light showers and along the cost line from marin headlands we are going to see more of that making its way in our direction. the core of the low will sag south today and will drive right through the bay area. so yeah, there's a chance of more rain and even some very low snow levels. temper
was premedicated and at one point they even argue that girlfriend reba steenkamp's death was not even murder. meanwhile, the prosecution has been laying out its case. they say pistorius put on his limbs, walked about 20 feet and then shot through a locked bathroom door killing steenkamp. all of this is happening at this very moment with an unprecedented crush of cameras in the courtroom and huge crowds of people trying to get seats inside. >> also happening this morning, reeva steenkamp's family will lay her to rest along the southern coast of south africa. we have a reporter in port elizabeth near the site of steenkamp's funeral. >> reporter: i'm outside of victoria park crematorium in the sea side town in the eastern cape where friends and family of reeva steenkamp have gathered to pay their last respects. more than 1,000 kilometers from here at the court, oscar pistorius is appearing in a court of law accused of her murder. state prosecutors are arguing that this was premeditated murder saying that oscar pistorius armed himself, attached his legs and shot her repeatedly through a bathroom
with his girlfriend reeva steenkamp before the killing and they told the magistrate today that oscar pistorius strapped on his prosthetic leg, went to the bathroom door and fired four shots as he cowered inside. three bullets found their marks and there was no saying her. the lawyer says a different story, one of a legless athlete in fear when he thought it was an intruder who entered his home and then his bathroom. the lawyer read from a statement. it reads in part, i believe that when the intrude truther came out the toilet we would be in grave danger. i fired shots at toilet door and shouted to reeva to phone the police. she did not respond. pistorius denied that he strapped on his legs until after the shooting when he says he tried to use them to kick the door down. when it failed he bashed it in with a cricket bat and found his giovz body inside. that is his story. earlier i spoke with a man that says he has known pistorius for 15 years and he has never known him to be especially violent. by coincidence he happens to be the sketch artist for the courtroom proceeding and he said
girlfriend. prosecutors alleged that he shot 29-year-old reeva steenkamp four time through the bathroom door of his home last thursday. he looked grim and solemn as prosecutors described what happened. his lawyer says it was accidental. a bail hearing comes on the same day as a private memorial service for reeva steenkamp. two of his sponsors, nike and oakley have distanced themselves from him. nike says it has no plans to use him in an upcoming campaigns. >> opening statements set to begin today in the trial of a man accused of killing a largo mother and daughter. jason scott faces first-degree murder and other charges in the death of ebony and delores dewitt. he's also suspected of killing another mother and daughter from a largo the earlier that year. is already serving a 100-year prison sentence on unrelated charges. >> grief counselors will be on hand at suitland high school as students more loss of a classmate. >> prince george's county police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy and why. the murder happened monday afternoon on 20th avenue in hillcrest heights
reeva steenkamp because he thought she was a robber. during a closed court hearing pistorius cried. he felt vulnerable when he fired the fatal shots because he was not wearing his artificial legs. prosecutors say the athlete put on his prosthetics and walked across the room on a mission to kill his girlfriend after a heated valentine's day argument. they say pistorius pumped four bullets into a locked bathroom door where steenkamp was hiding. family members of the super model and law graduate held her funeral tuesday in the south african city of port elizabeth. pistorius says he was deeply in loved with steenkamp and filled with horror and fear when he realized she was not in his bed and he shot her. the runner said he mashed in the bathroom door with a cricket bat and discovered her body. he told police she died in his arms. he kept a 9-millimeter pistol under his bed because he received death threats. his family insists that the track star is not a killer but a sportsman that acted on instinct. tina krause, wjz, eyewitness news. >> he will n
of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp, found shot four times, police said. reeva steenkamp, a cover girl, lost to graduate, was set to give a valentine's day talk about empowering women. instead, her family spoke about her. >> she had her life cut short and she's with the angels. >> the world is used to seeing oscar pistorius as the fastest man on no legs, making histo, but now he is emotional, the keys and in jail. >> he will have to stay in jail until his bond hearing next week. questions were raised about mistaken identity, and is it possible that reeva steenkamp could have been mistaken for an intruder. police emphasize that that information did not come from them. >> covering the nation, police confirmed the chart the names found in a burnt cabin in california are in fact christopher dorner. the identification was made through dental examination. the former lapd officer engaged in a deadly shootout with deputies before the cab and went out -- up in flames. he was on the run before police found him hiding in a remote cabin. >> now, your insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist
steenkamp had locked herself in after the two got into an argument on valentine's day. the defense says it was all an accident. pistorius thought she was a robber. at one point pistorius spoke saying "i picked reeva up as d had been told not to wait for paramedic paramedics. she died in my arms." steenkamp was laid to rest in a private funeral this morning. her coffin draped in a white cloth covered in white flowers. her uncle spoke to the press saying the family will do its best to uphold her legacy which includes standing up against domestic violence. >> we'll get out of it with the lord and the statement that she stood for and abuse against women that was echoed so much in the months that she mentioned she would like to be activist for that. >> pistorius's team is arguing he should be freed on bail again a decision was not made in that courtroom today. the hearing will continue tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. laura? >> thank you very much, marla. this morning we are also on storm watch. the bay area bracing for rain including in the south bay where santa clara valley water district is handin
, reeva steenkamp, who was shot to death in his home. abc is reporting she was shot four times. >> she was always willing to listen to you, give you advise. >> it doesn't feel real yet. >> some neighbors are reeling, others are interviewed by police as witnesses. there are reports of an argument or shouting the scene home, and the two were the only ones there. there is no sign of forced entry and police have been called to the house before for allegations of domestic violence. early local media reports hinted oscar pistorius may have mistaken reeva steenkamp for an intruder but police say they have no evidence of that. (inaudible). the investigation is ongoing. we don't know where this report came from. >> reeva steenkamp was one of 100 sexiest women in the world two years running and a law school graduate. on twitter she posted messages urging women to stand up against abuse and yesterday this, what do you have up your sleeve if your love tomorrow? >> reeva steenkamp was a great, fun presence of a person. >> oscar pistorius 8 appear in court at 9:00 tomorrow morning in south africa lo
in custody charged with shooting model reeva steenkamp. cbs reporter kelly cob yay yea says the 26-year-old family believes it was a tragic accident. >> reporter: lawyers for oscar pistorius met with him today as did his grandmother at the pretoria police station where he's been held since arrest on valentine's day. speaking on the family's behalf his uncle arnold pistorius. >> our entire family is devastated we are in a state of total shock. >> reporter: the upscale home where girlfriend reeva steenkamp was found dead is still taped off. she was reportedly shot four times through a closed bathroom door. with a gun owned by pistorius. early reports suggested the hero athlete thought he was shooting an intruder. south africa has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. 40 murdered a day on average. millions live in gated communities with panic alarms and guns. last november, pistorius tweeted that he mistook the washington machine for a robber -- washing machine for a robber and quote -- prosecutors say this was murder not a mistake. while pistorius didn't yet enter a plea th
their evidence tells a different story. they think the couple fought that night and that steenkamp fled into the bathroom to escape her enraged boyfriend. the lead prosecutor said today she long the door for a purpose. we'll get to that purpose. pistorius is currently losing the battle for public opinion in south africa where incriminating claims are swirling in local media. new reports quoting police sources say that steroids were found in his house and investigators are testing his blood for the drug that can cause roid rage. aggressive outbursts. >> if convicted of premeditated murder, he is facing a sentence of life in prison. >> reporter: as he pled his case in court this morning, reeva steenkamp's res mains were taken to a church in her home town where family and friends gathered for a memorial service. >> there is a space missing inside all the people that she knew. it can't be filled again. we're going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister and we will try to continue with the things that she tried to make better. we'll miss her. >> it is only
steenkamp. his stores is charged with premeditated murder. >> it is tragic circumstances and events that have unfolded and we can only give oscar our support at this time. >> reporter: new details are emerging about what happened inside the house. police believe reeva steenkamp slept in his same bed as pistorious. she ran into the bathroom and locked herself inside where she was shot in the head, hand and arm. police reportedly found a bloody bat. the runner's family visited him at a pre toria police station over the weekend and are standing by him. >> we have had overwhelming support for oscar from a lot of fans on a global scale. >> reporter: locals prayed for police stores and reeva steenkamp sunday -- for pistorious and reeva steenkamp sunday. >> the funeral is tomorrow, the same day pistorious is scheduled to return to court. >>> about 35,000 people took to the streets, all to urge the president to take action when it comes to climate change. >> the rally was called forward on climate, also calling the president to reject the keystone pipeline, which if completed will run from
of murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. pistorius' family and friends insist the shooting was an accident that he mistook his girlfriend as an intruder. but new details cast doubt on that allegation. one respected local newpaper, city press, reports several police sources have said that a bloody cricket bat will be a key piece of evidence, possibly used in a violent argument, that steenkamp was wearing a night gown, that pistorius fired the first shot and that steenkamp fled to the bathroom. it comes after south africa debate the appropriate relationship. >> it's sop important, even made an impact in a positive way or negative way. i'm going to miss you so much. >> reporter: oscar pistorius is gearing up for his legal battle while he makes his second court appearance tomorrow, a private funeral service will be held for steenkamp in her hometown. >>> we know what caused the fire that disabled that carnival cruise ship. coast guard officials found a leak in the fuel oil return line. the investigators have been on board since it arrived thursday in mobile, alabam
're hearing from the mother of reeva steenkamp for the first time since her daughter was found dead on valentine's day. >> june steenkamp wondering why her daughter had to die. >> reporter: an explosive life support in major south african newspaper. the are theed city press says multiple police sources say a bloody cricket bat found in the home after the shooting of his cover model girlfriend is a key piece of evidence, possibly used in an argument leading up to her fatal shooting. police officials refuse to discuss the claim. >> i can promise you, with the knowledge i've got, he'll come up right. >> reporter: and now controversy over the premier of a reality show reeva steenkamp has recently taped. a special tribute, but under fire for cruising the last words on her series. >> the way you grow up, not only the journey in the life, the way you grow up, makes an impact in a positive or negative way. >> reporter: some south africans have called for the series to be canceled. but the family wants her memory to live on on national tv. bazi kanani, abc news. >> in addiction to asking why
, reeva steenkamp, but tomorrow, he'll return to court for a bail hearing where prosecutors say they intend to upgrade the charge to premeditated murder. police are refusing to talk about possible motives, but we may shed light on steenkamp's killing. robyn curnow has the latest. >> reporter: a beautiful girl, a beach and a reality tv show which shows reeva steenkamp's romantic side. >> you fall in love with being in love with love. >> reporter: she died just four days before it aired and it will continue to air on tv for nine weeks. meanwhile, her boyfriend oscar pistorius spent the past few days in this jail, charged with her murder. a charge strongly denied by pistorius and his family. this is his uncle flanked by his sister, who struggled to keep herself together as they make a brief statement to the media. >> as you can imagine, our entire family is devastated. we are in a state of total shock. >> reporter: investigators who have been combing through his home in this high-security complex are starting to piece together what they think happened early on valentine's day. it w
reeva steenkamp. authorities say the 26-year-old pistorius shot steenkamp four times early thursday morning at his home. pistorius a double amputee make olympic history when he computed in the summer games on his carbon fiber blade legs. what is the very latest on this investigation? >> at this moment, oscar pistorius is making his way to the courthouse. this will be the first moment that he will officially face the charge of murder. it's such a far cry of how he was viewed in this country and around the world a few days ago. his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp this was the hollywood version of a power couple. as the hours move on and as details emerge, the scenario what took place in his home on valentine's day is appearing to be much more disturbing. oscar pistorius covers himself with a coat as he makes his way to the magistrate's court in south africa where he faces a charge of murder. this comes after he spent valentine's day being questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests and after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace from grace for the man dubbe
of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the paralympic runner cried in a closed courtroom as prosecutors accused him of premeditated murder. they say pistorius put on his prosthetic leg and walked across the room before firing four shots against his girlfriend through a locked bathroom door. her funeral today is in port elizabeth, south africa, today. >> there is a space missing inside all the people that she knew that can't be filled again. >> reporter: pistorius's family calls steenkamp's death a tragic accident. they say the sprinter known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs is not a killer but a sportsman who acted on instinct. pistorius's family says the runner shot steenkamp inside his upscale home because he thought she was an intruder. unconfirmed reports say police found a bloody cricket back at the crime scene. his agent says the double amputee has canceled all future races. >> it's a tragic circumstance and event that's unfolded and we can only give oscar our support at this point in time. >> reporter: steenkamp had been dating pist
and understanding and support i have of the men he competed with. >> want to show you brand new video of steenkamp's family members carrying her casket out. okay leap and nike distanced themselfs with him. nike says it has no plans to use him in future ad campaigns. ladies? >> thank you, anna. it is now 2 minutes after the top of the hour. the top five stories making news at this hour. we are getting the first look at the engine room where the fire broke out which crippled the carnival cruise ship stranding passengers for five days. now we know a leak in the fuel line sparked the entire thing. so far two people filed suit against carnival including one woman who claims she suffered severe dehydration and bruising from other passengers swhieflz waiti -- she was waiting. >> sandy hook shooter was obsessed with norway's most notorious mass murder and saw himself in direct competition with him. lanza wanted to kill out kill the man who bombed and gunned down 77 people including many children in norway back in july of 2011. lanza reportedly picked the elementary school because it was the easiest target
for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp. his lawyers will have to prove exceptional circumstances that would justify granting bail. a trial for the 26-year-old is not expected for months but prosecutors are already revealing details of what they call a rock solid case against him. they insist the runner is a cold-blooded killer who killed steenkamp after a shouting match in his home during the early morning hours of valentine's day. the paralympic superstar known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs said he was not wearing them the night of the murder. he said there was a burglar in his bathroom so he grabbed a pistol from under his bed. he says he fired four shots through the locked door and shouted for steenkamp to call the police before realizing she was not in his bed and that he shot her. prosecutors tell it differently saying the sprinter took time to put on his artificial legs, walk across the room, and then open fire on steenkamp who was hiding in the bathroom. family and friends buried the supermodel and law graduate on tuesda
gun and fired through the bathroom door, thinking that reeva steenkamp was in their bed. when he realized she wasn't, he said it filled him with horror and fear. but the prosecution argues that pistorius knew steenkamp was hiding in the bathroom after an argument, and that he put on his artificial legs, walked 20 feet from the bedroom before opening fire. the prosecution won the first round in court today. oscar pistorius will be charged with premeditated murder. the onus is on the defense to show that there are exceptional circumstances to convince the judge to allow him out on bail. his lawyers argued over the manner of her death. reeva steenkamp was laid to rest in her hometown of port elizabeth. her uncle, mike steenkamp, spoke of his grief. >> reporter: the track star has earned millions over the years from his running career, but now, his sponsors are starting to desert him. he's a rich man, but also a frightened one. he said he's received death threats, which is why he was so quick to reach for his gun. in his affidavit, oscar pistorius said the couple were deeply in love
before he goes on trial for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp. his lawyers will have to prove exceptional circumstances that would justify granting bail. a trial for the 26-year-old is not expected for months but prosecutors are already revealing details for what they call a rock solid case against him. they believe he's a cold-blooded killer who killed steenkamp after a shouting match in his home on valentine's day. the paralympic superstar known as a blade runner for his legs said he was not wearing them the night of the murder. he says he fired four shots through the locked door and shouted for steenkamp to call the police before realizing she was not in his bed and that he shot her. prosecutors tell it differently saying the sprinter took time to put on his artificial legs, walk across the room and then open fire on steenkamp who was hiding in the bathroom. family and friends buried the supermodel and law graduate on tuesday. pistorius said he was deeply in love with steenkamp and was filled with horror and fear as she died in his arms. tina krauz, cbs n
his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the 26-year-old appeared in court to try to win his freedom on a bill before facing trial. the prosecution did and he got up from bed, put on his press political legs, and walk a few meters before shooting his girlfriend to the door. her funeral has been held in port elizabeth. being taken to the crematorium. he says that her death was an accident and that he thought she was an intruder. >> there is a space missing inside of the people that she knew that cannot be filled again. we are going to keep all the positive things we remember about my sister. we will try to continue with of the things she tried to make better. we will miss her. >> let's take you to the courthouse where oscar pistorius appeared in earlier in pretoria. hearing lasted about an hour or ford was adjourned. we learned a few things about the case. amount.arned a huge he try histion says weapon four time into block the door of the bathroom, behind which reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend, was hiding. knowing that she was staying if he got it was a burglar, why did he not first check our wh
reeva steenkamp. steenkamp was found dead in his home in pretoria last week p he had gunshot wounds -- or rather she had gunshot wounds to her head and chest. prosecutors told a bail hearing the shooting was premeditated. pistorius said he thought steenkamp was an intruder. some local media reported that a neighbor heard people arguing before the shooting. the court will decide whether to grant bail. pistorius competed in the london mes last ye. the first douemputee to run in the olympics. he went on to win two gold medals in the paralympics. >>> armed robbers have stolen an estimated $50 million worth of diamonds in a raid at brussels airport. brussels police say the gems were being loaded on a plane on monday night for transport to switzerland. the police say two cars drove up to the plane. eight masked men wearing police uniforms jumped out. the men threatened airport workers with machine guns. they took away about 120 cases of rough and cut diamonds. >> the operation at the airport has taken exactly three minutes. so this was a very quick hit and run, very well organized. there
killed his girlfriend of three months, reeva steenkamp in cold blood, deliberately firing those four shots through his toilet room door behind which reeva steenkamp was cowering. pistorius should not be released on bail. the defense rejects this position. yesterday pistorius's defense lawyer reading from an affidavit painted a different picture of a loving but very vulnerable man who received death threats in the early morning hours of february 149 and without his legs on he became fearful according to this affidavit after hearing noise in the bathroom that there was an intruder in the house and only after he fired those shots and called out to reeva steenkamp to phone the police did he realize his tragic mistake and that it was she who was in the bathroom. but the prosecution is, again, drawing a different picture. it's claiming pistorius and his girlfriend had a row, there was nonstop shouting coming from his home before he took the time to put on his artificial legs and walk 20 feet to that toilet room door and fired those shots. the judge will now need to determine which picture
reeva steenkamp. ppramedics werretryinggto rrvive steenkamp -- who as - shot muuttple timess-- when police arriveddon the scene. africaado not áofficiallyá name suspectssii crimes uuttl but a pollce spokesperson sayyspisttrius - thheshooting.... and -3 there are noá ooher suspeccs involved.beukes aas::"i an confirm thaa there has & the home of mrr oscar pistorius."reporter sks: 3 "i'm not goinggto elabbrateeon been incidents."reporter asss: nature." some llcal meeia outlets arr reporring ppstorius may have istakenn steenkamp foor n innruder.... - and accidentally shot her. bbukes says: "we're not sure where this report came froo, it definitely didn't come from 3 servicee" rann sayy "..piitorius' court hearing was originally scheduleddfor thursday afternoonn....but hass & been postponed until work. in nnw york,,elizabeth prann, fox news." 3 an article... last yeer... in &pthe new york times magazine... dessribedd 3 to search his home.../ &p when hiisalarm went off,.../ tte... night ábefoorá
. under arrest and charged with murdering his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. steenkamp had recently appeared on the cover of hm. during the early morning hours she was found dead in pistorius' home, shot four times. police wouldn't confirm the motive but said this went the -- wasn't the first time domestic disturbances were reported in the home. >> reporter: her friend next door. >> always willing to listen to you and give you advice. i don't feel like it's real yet. >> reporter: just yesterday steenkamp tweeted about her excitement for valentine's day. what do you have up your sleeve for your love, she tweeted. she said it should be a day of love for everyone. may it be blessed. south african police said they will oppose any application for bail. reporting from on done. >>> so how do you spend your valentine's day if your significant other is evading the law? you could ditch them for a bekay of flowers if they're one of queen anne's county most wanted. >> if you give us information, the first tip that leads us to the arrest of our most wanted valentine, i will personally give you a
steenkamp was up and coming. a new reality show featuring her was prehearing for the premier of her south african tv show that premiered last night. we have the latest from johannesburg. >> reporter: it is unsettling viewing. receive video steenkamp -- receive video steenkamp speaking. >> the way you gout out is important. make an impact in a positive way. just always be true to yourself and i'm going to miss you all so much. i love you very, very much. >> reporter: south africa's public broadcaster added this short tribute before showing the first episode of the ten part series. the producers claim she was proud of the show and would have wanted people to get to know who she really was. but she is famous now as the girlfriend oscar pistorius allegedly murdered at his home on valentine's day. he is still being held at the police station where members of his family have been visiting him and for the first time they faced the cameras to speak about the case. >> no doubt here, no substance for the allegations and the state's own case including its own forensic evidence strongly refutes any p
reeva steenkamp at his home in the south african capital. he's charged with premeditated murder, but he claims he thought he was shooting an intruder. >> it's tragic circumstance and it's unfolding. we can only give oscar our support at this time. >> reporter: now new details are being told of what happened in the house. steenkamp was sleeping in the same bed as piz torous and she was in her night gown when she was first shot in the bedroom. she then ran in the bathroom and locked herself inside where she was shot in the head, hand, and arm. police took a 9 mm gun from the home and found a bloody bat. it's uncertain if it was used. they visited him over the weekend and say they're standing by him. >> we have had overwhelming support for oscar from a lot of fans on a global scale, really on a global scale. >> reporter: locals prayed for pistorius and steenkamp at church services on sunday. >> i think it's important for the church to show the love of god in the whole situation. >> reporter: lawyers for the runner are preparing for his court date later this week. teti
steenkamp on valentine' e hharing... a prosecctors described her ed &ppayne explains.... his comes assher family plann to bury hhr. 3 & reeva sseennamp's (prono: ree-ah-va stee--hh-kamp) 3 service n her hometown of pprt elizaaethh outh africa..- some 700 miles away in 3& per boyfriendaand accused killer aa&olympii athlete oscar pistooius.south african prrsecutors say they plan to ccarge him with premeditated & murder.they say ppstoorus shot steenkamp three times through a bathroom door on valentiie'ss friend, vvnessa haywood ays thatts not whattshe'd exxpct 3 never seennhim lose hiss & temppr. and t's just -- he's annincreeibly kinddand gentle 3 know him."prosecutors have not - peleased detaals about a possible motive in ttis case. steenkamp appeared in a reality show over the weekendd that was dedicated to her. (natpop) "i'm going homm with p sweet taste in my outh."her -& colleagues say ammng other things... they will remember & her ggeattattiiude."she as a 3 gorgeous girl, but shh hhdd sort of like a wicked guys typeea
morning, the track star shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp through a locked bathroom door. defense lawyers say pistorius believe steenkamp was a burglar. as the hearing began, a memorial service was held for steenkamp in port elizabeth. >>> new this morning, 60 people are homeless after a raging apartment fire in manassas. it broke out just before 11:00 last night on lady jane loop. a viewer sent us the video of those towering flames. the fire started apparently in a third floor apartment and quickly spread to become a two-alarm fire bringing nearly 100 firefighters to the scene there. head to quickly pull out because part of the roof collapsed. would people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a resident also in the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is under investigation. they believe it did about $300,000 in damage. >>> police are investigating the murder of a 15-year-old in broad daylight. police found the teenager in the 4,000 block of 28th avenue and hillcrest heights yesterday afternoon. news 4's megan mcgrath live from suitland high school with mo
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